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Visionary or Vendetta – Northern Nigeria Governor Seeks to Neutralise Opponent’s Influence By Obliterating Ancient Tradition

Governor Ganduje Abdulahi’s move to break up the ancient Kano emirate of Northern Nigeria has been blocked by the high court. Earlier this year, he was known to have aired his intentions to fragment the emirate into 5 more zones, raising eye brows as to what the ulterior motive was

The over 200 year old traditional institution, known for existing right after the passing of the legendary Black Queen Amina of Zaria, became a “focus” of the present Governor for very unclear reasons

Despite lawmakers in the state legislature voting for the breakup, a last minute court order to halt the creation was dismissed by the governor claiming he had not received the order

It is believed Governor Ganduje, had calculatingly sought to neutralize the influence and power of Mohammad Sanussi 11, the present, highly intellectual Emir of Kano, who was once the no nonsense Governor of Nigerian Central Bank, famous for exposing hyper curruption in the finance industry – $20 billion missing oil revenue- and named by TIME magazine as one of the most influencial people of 2011. Both have been known to clash on political issues

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