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USA: Meet Monique Russell, The Woman Behind The First Ever Podcast Uniting Black People Worldwide

The first-ever Black cultural unity podcast called Bridge to U – created to unite Black people worldwide is available on Apple Podcasts.

Bridge to U is aimed at having a safe space for honest & constructive conversations on a number of oftentimes polarizing topics within the global Black community.

It was launched in the midst of a global pandemic, and high tensions of division.

The host, Executive Communications coach and speaker, Monique Russell, asks guests questions out of curiosity and not judgment because she believes that offering guests a space to share their experiences or explain their perspectives is the first step in understanding each other, Black News reports.

The goal of Bridge to U is to use curiosity and understanding as tools to build a bridge not a wall between each other and Black unity.

“I was excited to see how much this topic was needed and wanted because less than two months after launch, the show was featured in the Diaspora Digital News in Dubai, and has attracted many Black leaders who subscribe to the power of unity,” said Russell. “Many people struggle to free themselves from the mental limitations of oppression, but if we highlight and amplify the methods of those who have managed to do it successfully, we can be more strategic and effective in transforming the world.”

Russell is a multi-cultural woman with heritage in the Bahamas, Nigeria, and the United States. She is a trusted communications advisor and has served organizations like the Centers for Disease Control, Equifax, NCR, FEMA, and the world’s busiest airport, Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International, among others.

With a deep knowledge of the struggles many face to identify and know how to share their stories, she authored a Speaker’s Guide to teach leaders how to tell their stories. So far, the show has attracted and featured guests from London, the United States, Dubai, Nigeria, Grenada, and Ghana.

Listen to and subscribe to the podcast here:

About the Bridge to U Podcast
Bridge to U: Connecting Through Understanding and Unity is a podcast where our guests have subscribed to Black unity and solidarity worldwide. They have opted out of the narrative of Black division among the Caribbean, American, and African peoples. They share their inspiring stories of awakening moments, curiosity, challenges they have overcome in the race to discover their higher self and calling.

SOURCE: Black News contributed to this story.

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