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US-Based Crypto Mining Company Wattum, To Establish $2mn 16MW Mining Farm In Kazakhstan

American cryptocurrency consulting and mining company Wattum signed an agreement to acquire a crypto mining farm operated by Energix in Kazakhstan.

The two parties are also in talks to construct an $8mn 50-megawatt farm. 

Construction is expected to start in July. Currency miners have been actively seeking new venues amid crackdowns on crypto mining in China and Kazakhstan is becoming an attractive destination, Energix CEO and co-founder Yerbolsyn Sarsenov told CoinDesk. Energix operates as a so-called “mining hotel”, an entity that provides space, energy and maintenance services for miners looking for locations for their machines. 

Energix already has a 180-megawatt capacity plant in the country. 

“Last year, we had applications for 20 megawatts. This year, applications for hundreds of megawatts came in in a matter of weeks,” he said.

Wattum currently has farms in upstate New York and Pittsburgh. Kazakhstan is seen as an attractive destination due to its proximity to China.

News/Image: Bne Intellinews | Facebook

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