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UK: BCC Receives More Than 110,000 Complaints Over Prince Philip wall-to-wall Coverage

The BBC has reportedly received well over 100,000 complaints from members of the public over it’s wall-to-wall coverage of the Duke of Edinburgh’s death, a record high in British TV history.

The corporation suspended other programmes to cover the news when Prince Philip died on Friday, at the age of 99.

EastEnders and the MasterChef final were replaced by news programmes, while BBC Four was taken off air completely.

The BBC said: “We are proud of our coverage and the role we play during moments of national significance.”

However, it declined to confirm the number of complaints it received.

But the Sun Newspaper says it received over 100,000 complaints.

The official figures are due to be included in the broadcaster’s fortnightly complaints bulletin on Thursday.

Former BBC presenter Simon McCoy, who recently left to join GB News, was among those criticising the corporation.

He wrote on Twitter: “BBC1 and BBC2 showing the same thing. And presumably the News Channel too. Why? I know this is a huge event. But surely the public deserve a choice of programming.”

Following the announcement of Prince Philip’s death by Buckingham Palace, members of the Royal Family, world leaders, British politicians and celebrities have paid tribute to the senior royal.

His burial will take place on Saturday 17 April in St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, and attendance is limited to 30 people.

NEWS/PHOTO SOURCE: The Sun | Sky News | News Agencies

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