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Uganda: Bobi Wine’s Residence Remain Under Siege By Soldiers Despite Court Order – Report

Ugandan police and soldiers were still seen at Bobi Wine’s residence in Magere village, Wakiso District on Monday evening despite a court order ordering them to leave immediately.

Robert Kyagulanyi — popularly known as Bobi Wine — has been placed on house arrest since the January 14 presidential election.

Instead of adhering to the court order, the military and police deployments had been reinforced and checkpoints on the road to his residence had also been increased from two to four when Daily Monitor went to Magere at about 9.30am.

By 2pm Monday when Daily Monitor left the area, there were four roadblocks manned by police and the army on Magere road off Gayaza-Kampala road.

According to reports, two cars carrying journalists were stopped at the second roadblock and ordered to go back. Many cars heading to or returning from Magere were thoroughly checked.

On Monday evening, Wine told Daily Monitor by telephone that his home was still under heavy deployment, hours after the court ordered security forces to leave.

“The situation at my place is still the same and police have not left. We know they are still waiting for the order from ‘above’ as they have always waited for Museveni to tell them [what to do],” he said.

After the court ruling Monday, Police Spokesman Fred Enanga said they would abide by the orders and vacate Wine’s home, but they are yet to do so.

Wine and his wife had sued the Attorney -General, the Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) and the Inspector-General of Police (IGP).

In response in court, the director of police operations, Mr Edward Ochom, had argued that police was simply giving Wine “necessary protection”.

He also argued that Wine organised processions and addressed gatherings, which could spread Covid-19. The State also claimed the politician was training NUP members to start riots and sustain an insurrection to remove the government.

The judge observed that the above statements were an inadvertent admission that Wine’s movements had indeed been restrained.

Court reject State’s argument

The State’s argument that Section 24 of the same Act empowers police to arrest any person they suspect is about to commit a crime was roundly rejected by Justice Elubu.

“It cannot properly be said that Section 24 would apply here as stated by the respondent (AG) in their submissions. Firstly, the third respondent (police) states the applicant is not under arrest. Secondly, if he was, then he would have immediately been dispatched to a police station or produced before a magistrate,” the judge observed.


Security forces have started withdrawing from Ugandan presidential candidate Bobi Wine’s residence after placing him on house arrest for 11 days, his lawyer told CNN on Tuesday.

“They are now leaving, we hope this doesn’t change later today,” George Musisi said.

NEWS/PHOTO SOURCE: Nation | Daily Monitor | CNN

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