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The Great Pyramid: Shocking ‘Hidden Code’ Unlocks Remarkable Find!

The Great Pyramid of Egypt is believed to be over 3, 500 years old. It is among the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and remains the only one still largely intact. The construction of the Great Pyramid by ancient Africans in Egypt has baffled the world, with experts barely able to grasp, till this day, how the supposedly primitive Africans were able to push, pull and drag more than 2,300,000 limestone and granite blocks into one place. The average weight of a block is about 2.3 metric tons (2.5 tons). The pyramid itself weighs approximately six million tonnes. 

Investigators in Egypt say they have discovered “hidden numbers” in the geometry of the Great Pyramid, leading one to claim it unlocks a “remarkable” ancient secret. Experts had revealed that the sides of the square base are closely aligned to the four cardinal compass points of true north in space. 

Gaia’s new documentary ‘The Hidden Codes of the Great Pyramids’ has revealed how a discovery over its construction proves the ancient builders had an even deeper understanding of astronomy than previously thought. 

Engineer and author Christopher Dunn said: “When you start looking at the schematics of the Great Pyramid and the unusual interior design, it doesn’t represent any kind of structure or building where people would spend any time.  

“Of course, in regards to the original tomb theory – there were no mummies found in the Great Pyramid, no original mummies found in any pyramids for that matter.” 

The narrator explained why some believe the developments in understanding the Great Pyramid are challenging history books. 

He said: “Today, children are taught in school that it took builders 10 to 20 years to complete. 

“Yet to achieve this timeline, one block would have had to be placed every one to two minutes.  

“On top of this monumental achievement in construction, the form and position of the pyramid’s structure is also an intriguing marvel of the ancient world. 

“Contrary to popular belief, the Great Pyramid is not simply a four-sided structure. 

“Experts suggest a closer look at its unique shape may provide some clues to the true power and relationship to Earth’s motion.” 

Some believe the builders had an advance understanding of astronomy (Image: GETTY)

Author Bauval, suggesting a new theory, says that the Great Pyramid has twice as many sides as most believe, revealing a possible link between its geometry and astronomy. 

He said: “Many people don’t know this, but, in fact, it’s not a four-sided pyramid. 

“It has a very slight concavity on each side, making it an eight-sided pyramid.  

“Now the minute you do this, it produces very bizarre geometry.  

“It produces numbers, numbers keep popping up that shouldn’t be there. 

“Things like the universal constant that has been known for over 100 years, the golden ratio, but we also have now strange numbers coming up in the design.” 

Author and investigative journalist Graham Hancock, citing the alignment of the Pyramid, believes the ancient Egyptians had a better understanding of astronomy than first thought. 

He claimed in July: “If you take it upon yourself the project of building a pyramid and aligning it to true north, east, south and west you wouldn’t make any error at all.  

“But there is an error in the Great Pyramid – it’s tiny. 

“It is 3/60th of a single degree off true north. 

“This is almost eerie precision because the scale of the monument is so huge. 

“This thing is 481 feet high, it has a footprint of 13 acres, it weighs six million tonnes and consists of two-and-a-half million individual blocks of stone. 

“You’re taking that whole gigantic mountain of stone and you are aligning it within just 3/60th of a single degree of true north, it’s a very remarkable thing.” 

So many opinions and conspiracies have prevailed over who, how and why the ancient Egyptians built the Great Pyramid. The latest of the conspiracies was that of Elon Musk, who claimed that aliens had built the pyramids, as such wonder could not have been constructed by humans. After he got reprimanded and shown evidence that the pyramids of the ancient Egyptians were built by humans, Elon Musk took back his comment. 

The American scientist is, however, not the first person to claim the pyramids were built by aliens. 

But the truth remains that the ancient Egyptians were extremely creative, a people who had a deep understanding of the universe.


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