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Terrorist Attack: 6 killed And 13 Injured In Central Mali

  • Mali descended into chaos in 2012 when Tuareg militants seized parts of the country
  • The Tuareg is at the center of the storm in Mali

Alleged islamic terrorist attacks in Central part of Mali has left six people dead with 13 more injured.

According to the RFI broadcaster, the incident took place near the town of Douentza on Sunday when a group of gunmen attacked a public transport vehicle.

Five of the wounded people reportedly sustained severe injuries.

The attack is likely to have been committed by terrorists. The Malian army said it had sent additional forces to the area to ensure the safety of civilians.

The situation in Mali was destabilized in 2012 when the Tuareg militants seized vast territories in the northern part of the country. The conflict escalated even more over the activities of Islamists, forces loyal to former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi as well as French interference.

The attacks in Mali continues unabated with over a dozen peacekeepers injured in the past days

News/Image: Catch News | The Bridge News

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