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Tennis: Serena Williams Reveals How She Managed Migraine, “It Can Be Awful”

23 Grand Slam winner, Serena Williams recently talked about how she managed to deal with migraine, a problem that she often had to deal with.

I think things that I’m not used to, because I don’t usually do it 24/7, like working on my venture fund and taking care of a child and doing my fashion company. I have really good boundaries now, so I know when I’m supposed to do things and what I’m not supposed to do things.

So I know when I play tennis, I know when I do my business. Migraine are attacks that I don’t try to have. It was harder for me to sit there and say: I can’t go to the park because I’m not feeling well. I would say I have a boo-boo, and I had to just work through it in the past.

I don’t know if I’ve had any migraine attacks since I’ve started taking Ubrelvy, to be honest. And thank goodness, because they’re debilitating and it can be really awful to deal with.”

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News/Image: Tennis World | People

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