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Summer Signs and the Single’s Search!

Summer encroaches, an opportunity to find love beckons again for the singles, question is, are we ready and available? A healthy mind and some social skills may help, but does anything still beat the soothing sight of a seductive body?

The primordial traits of the homosapien may have gotten refined, but one core aspect still sneakingly mimics he’s ancient families in the wild, mating call signs!
Clear bright eyes, good dentition, toned tight skin, curves at the appropriate places, bumps as against flats; firmness God please not flaccid!

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Pristine and ancient

Physical attributes! Arresting and disarming make it’s most hypnotic impact instantly above all else! And sadly, it will forever remain so.

What to do?
Holding a healthy eating habit in this modern times, can be tasking, and how about a healthy love relationship? We might just be asking for the moon here! Male or female, it is important to recognize these unwritten ancient rules, and more importantly, remain positive, stay optimistic and by God something about it!

If McDonald’s is not your idea of a secret rejuvenating getaway, then it is safe to say, the problem is half solved! Eating the right food in the right proportion speaks of responsibility and maturity. Nothing, and absolutely nothing is remotely attractive, let alone desirable in he who pigs-out on any and every grub in sight! A mile and a half away from junk-sugary food plus a stubborn determination to stay so, signals mental growth, consideration for others in the “love-hunt” and readiness for fulfilling intimacies

Try taking up fitness as part of your sane-existence routine. That you do this to feel good inside first off, has an overall, psychologically elevating effect that even onlookers will notice. An improved health plus stronger immunity comes as added bonus, aside from the noticeably slinkier body!

What regiment of workouts to follow? When and where? All fall into place the minute your soul takes it up, not as a torturous challenge but a nicely needed necessity!

Go minimalistic in all things!

Shop for things you need not what you want. Prioritize and be more conscious about the environment near and far! Adopting this attitude is a clear sign of spiritual growth and refinement! And this added to a more seductive body with a smile to boot plus a now more sensitive-vision, for “those available”,.. well not unless you live amongst asexual goons, it’s highly unlikely you won’t get hit on! Countless times!

Recreate your own paradise, start with your body! Immediately after the mind!

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