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Somalia: Explosion Kills 61 Al Shabab Terrorists

At least 61 Al Shabab terrorists and 6 foreign nationals were killed after materials stored in an 11-room house exploded late on Monday, Somali National Army (SNA) Radio reported, quoting military officials in the region.

A house in the village of Ala-Futow, located some 285 kilometers (177 miles) from the capital Mogadishu, was being used as a site to prepare explosives, the report said.

It identified one of the foreign nationals as Ahmed Sharif alias Abu Bilal, who hailed from Afghanistan.

A mother and her child who were near the house also died in the blast, according to SNA Radio.

The Somali military has recently ramped up operations in the Middle Shabelle region, killing at least 100 terrorists with al-Shabaab.

The offensive has been launched in line with efforts to improve Somalia’s security situation as the country prepares for parliamentary and presidential elections in a few months’ time.


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