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Post-Wuhanvirus: Oil-Rich Akwa Ibom State In Nigeria To Turn To Agriculture As A Vital Economic Recovery Option

Oil Palm industry has been tipped as the most vital economic recovery option in Agriculture for Akwa Ibom State, as the government pinpoints the sector as a vital economic booster post-covid-19.

The sector has been identified as a competitive and vital component of Agriculture that should receive massive attention from government if the post covid-19 economic reconstruction is to make a headway.

This is an important development, as the Niger-Delta region of Nigeria, the crude oil reservoir of the nation, has depended mainly on oil revenue to boost their respective economies.

So far, in some Niger-Delta states, crude oil discovery – instead being a blessing – has turned out to be a source of suffering to the local communities, whose farmlands and water has been despoiled by oil spillage.

The oil palm industry, if properly looked into, has the capacity to provide a veritable source of foreign exchange for the government while gainfully employing its citizenry.

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