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Pete Edochie- Homosexuality In Africa, The Systemic Destruction Of Truth And The “Female Duality”

Since Africans globally are under a mental coma, having divested their true native identities for foreign religious ideologies; every sinister symptom of their now chaotic existence, will not only get diagnosed by non Africans, but more alarmingly, treatments and medications for these insidious malaise, will come from all but Africans themselves.

Guided at every stage by invisible foreign hands, usually masked by visible apolitical Black faces, it comes as no surprise when at rare fleeting moments the only solution for a race who now seem to be in dire straits is a salvaging voice from ancestors long gone!

And recently, in an unusual celestial moment, that ancestral voice thundered through one famous elderly African vessel who fortunately, is still alive!

Pete Edochie veteran actor and African cultural icon best known for his stellar lead role as “Okonkwo” in Chinua Achebe’s1986 famed movie series “Things Fall Apart”, gave shocking insights into the ancient African understanding of that feared most dreaded subject… Homosexuality!

Mr Edochie stated on a twitter video that it could only make sense if investigated spiritually. Male or female spirits reincarnated from past lives may end up in bodies biologically alternate, hence the visible phenomenon of male to male or female to female sexual attraction

Unfortunately due to non-stop calculated effacement of Black culture worldwide, we only find few documented references and records of ancient native African interpretations of the “phenomenon”. Not only to expose a current fraudulent state of truth but more importantly, an urgent return to harmony

Twin souls- legendary writer Mama Maya Angelou and visionary thinker Malcolm X

When late legendary poet and writer Mama Maya Angelou quipped about her “clandestine affairs” with females, or secret diaries of gay liaisons of the saintly and indeed stately man himself Malcolm X surfaced- perverted entertainment- were the words that best described the ulterior motive for the questionable leaks.

It entertains and sadistically humours the world to see the knee jerk, slave-like, mentally-malnourished reactions of Negroids on issues of sexuality. A people psychologically clamped on the religious leash of other races globally, we reveal a complete shadow of our true selves when cornered on crucial topics needing ancient files for comprehensive analysis

Michael Jackson wrestled with identity on several levels, making him vulnerable to outside exploitation

Would Michael Jackson still be alive, serenading the world with his phenomenal Sanwi Ivorian voice, and happily hitched with a Black male lover, if Pete Edochie,s interpretation of sexuality held centre stage in the African world?

Twin souls- Legendary singer Whitney Houston and lover Miss Robyn Crawford- Whitney struggled till her death

Would Robyn Crawford, out of gratitude, have given us free show tickets to see her lover Whitney Houston sing, simply because her existence and essence were valued and venerated by the Black world culturally?

Legendary “twin soul” Justin Fashanu died alone

Would the British press have succeeded in hounding Justin Fashanu to death ,if he had a lover, male, manly and melanated? Sadly unprotected by the Black world, lonesome and loathed, he continued on his trail blazing journey of not only becoming the first Black footballer to be valued in millions, but also the defining Black personage to open that door of recognition for other Black footballers in Europe

Black panther movie, depicting Africa culturally untainted- The current definition of sexuality was alien in old Africa

Would the great Emperor Chaka Zulu, and the phenomenal female version of himself, Queen Amina of Zaria, have declared war on foreign religions if they knew its long range covert plans for the African penis, ass and virgina inclusive? What would Chaka have done if he was disallowed contact with his male lovers? And who would have dared risk their lives questioning the very manly Amina on her alleged interest in beautiful black girls, using non-African religions as permits?

From Black panther’s Huey Newton and Angela Davies, to stellar entertainers like Luther Vandross and Prince; dead or alive, rumoured or rigorously hidden, continuous cultural decay and eventual death hangs on the Black race

With zero knowledge of their native history and identity, Ugandan men primarily engross themselves in sex scandal stories, purposely sensationalised -Foreign religions have been most successfull brainwashing the male populations against their “twin-soul” kind, a sinister scenario replicated all over Africa with the Caribbean inclusive

Mentally disembowelled and confined to catastrophic cultural schisms, each succeeding generation of Blacks globally, undergo demographical splits, with the weakest link of the mother race, taking front and centre stage at all ailing times!

Who would boldly ransack Black global culture, removing intricately every mesh of lies and lunacy implanted cunningly for aggression and control?

Downlow, dl or in the closet; sinister hate-inducing, mentally harrasing, wholly deceptive vocabularies laced with poisons, manufactured exclusively for a psychologically subdued group with repackaged identities to ancient roots severed!

That the African psyche overall exhibits a feminine posture, tactile and communal in DNA, contrasting sharply to the Caucasian compartmentalized, territorial and war-like disposition is still not been fully understood. So what level of doom should one expect when foreigners annex the African mind, moving forth to declare to the Black world what rules to now abide by, where sex, sexuality and the naming of these sacred domains are concerned?

What does the future hold for Africa?

The celestial essence of the feminine frequency strongly expressed in African bodies- Miss Universe 2019 Zozinbini Tunzi

Since the operating frequency of the Negroid is feminine by default, it informs logic that on the physical landscape, all across the board in all Black societies worldwide, the motherly frequency will take hold. Not the masculine frequency expressed by the European, nor the hyper masculine aura radiated by the Arab psyche; but feminine! The far reaching, often times fixating feminine essence deposited in Black bodies from dimensions unknown!

The war-loathing, nature-deifying and scarcely xenophobic essence of the Blacks towards Caucasians points to a nucleic nature, wholly innate and more importantly, self sustaining. Comfortable enough in the totality of its makeup to accept that all creations big or small, fauna and flora are valued and part of the cosmic whole. Averse to the idea of dominating any life form just to hold dominion; the feminine frequency stands tall, with a gait firmly to reassure!

From the Americas to Europe, with the caste-system-operating Asiatic Arab world inclusive, the globally hated Black-body, sustains this crucial feminine frequency. Needing zero assemblage of logistics to deploy! Only orally! Beginning from young, under the moon light. Black elders transmitting ancient fables and mythological stories to young Black minds at night, transporting kindergatten Black bodies into utopian worlds of idealism and honour, just before bed time, solely to mould characters that would be serviceable to self, society and mother nature as a whole!

As old as time. Tales by moonlight- African elder transmitting crucial messages via folklore to Nubian children

Tales by moonlight! Orally polishing and repositioning young Black souls! No deforestation needed to access millions of trees, year in year out for books production! No cancer causing chemical ink concoctions conjured up for literature print work, let alone a deceptive banal supply chain standing on sand castles! No costs incurred, no poison nor pollution deficit to nature! The feminine frequency! Self sustaining! Celestial on a cellular level with harmony and balance guaranteed for all life forms on the earthly plane!

Only in Africa, ancient and old, is this not only understood with clarity, but tied directly and intricately to the “Homosexual” human! A “being” now cancerously reclassified by foreign religions, lexicons and academia, solely for aggression and control. Resulting in struggle and strife, disruptions and discord with eventual death of recipient Black societies guaranteed. A human phenomenon once wisely addressed as the “twin-soul”, ” human dualities” or simply with profound endearment, “The Mothers”, penis between legs regardless!

Cultural collapse. An African “twin-soul” murdered by an all male African mob, flaunting foreign Gods as license

Dissecting and deducing the essence of the “twin-soul” outside of using ancient African variables, rails all life into the graveyard ultimately! No Western, nor Arab rubric has the wherewithal, let alone finely-filtering-granules to decode comprehensively why males are attracted to males

Disregarding this, creates a false sense of reality, where the “twin-souls” not only become a perfect distraction tool for invaders, but also as evident in Africa, a terrorized human-bartering-currency for blackmailers. With Black societies now ironically weaponized by the religions of their opressors, and deputized by un-african laws – usually promulgated by intellectually vacant Black leaders- a new culturally compromised Black population, reeling under staggering levels of poverty now comes forth. Power drunk, on the prowl as bedroom police, yet again against their own!

With the “twin souls” now forced into hiding, ultimately a savage erasure via physical destruction takes place! A sinister repeat devastation of what foreign religions have successfully inflicted on native African spirituality, a haunting pattern, becomes evident!

Indexing the African “twin-soul” using non African vocabularies and slangs with foreign religions as undergird, undoubtedly is the beginning of the eventual doom awaiting the Black world!

Just like the now demonized African traditions; when the authentic custodians of culture, “the twin-souls” are no longer in charge and firecely protected; and their real identity cunningly falsified for desecration, the ill equipped, weakest groups of Black societies will occupy the vacuum left! And then slowly but surely, region after region, the decay and eventual death of authentic Negroid nations will come! Not abruptly, but insidiuosly!

It is just the beginning!

Images of: Maya Angelou, Malcolm X, Michael Jackson, Genevieve Nnaji, Whitney Houston and Robyn Crawford, Pete Edochie, Tunzi Zozinbini, Justin Fashanu, Angela Bassett,Chadwick Boseman, Danai Gurira, Michael B Jordan

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