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Nigerians Allegedly Humiliated And Harassed By Ghanaian Police Cry Out

Nigerians in Ghana have bemoaned the ill-treatment meted out on them by the Ghanaian security agency. Two videos had circulated on social media showing a reported 500 illegal Nigerian immigrants about to be deported, and another showing Nigerians being asked to sit outside.

Some Nigerians say their treatment in Ghana has been unfriendly, with traders and other residents getting allegedly harassed by the Ghanaian police.

A Nigerian living in Ghana told a Nigerian correspondent that Ghana police are perpetrating evil by storming into houses where Nigerians live just to harass them. The Nigerian man also says Ghana police are harassing and extorting money and goods from innocent Nigerians. 

He said: “I’m presently in Ghana now and this is a total lie. Ghana police are raiding Nigeria houses here. Harassing them, extortion and many other things. Who will speak for us?”

Another Nigerian said many innocent Nigerians (who were accused of being involved in rituals, hard drugs, rape and Yahoo) are currently at Nsawan prison. The Nigerian man continued as he says their only crime is being a Nigerian. 

The Nigerian man further said that Ghanaians are supporting their government in the ill-treatment Nigerians are receiving in their country.

“Many Nigerians in Nsawan prison are innocent, their only crime is being Nigerians. Just remember that table turns and nothing lasts forever. We are taking records, but Ghanaians are supporting their government for the man inhumanity to mankind. Generations will ask y’all someday,” the Nigerian man said.

Mrs Abike Dabiri-Erewa, Chairman of Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM) had reacted to a viral video of Nigerians being dehumanized by Ghanaian authorities. 

The NIDCOM Chairman in her tweet said the Nigerian mission in Ghana is dealing with the matter. 

Abike also alleged that some Nigerians who escaped from a jail break in the country have been escaping to Ghana. 

However, a Nigerian lady in Ghana says the Dabiri’s jailbreak narrative is a lie.

She said: “We were asked to do biometrics, which we all did. After doing it, none of us happened to be jailbreakers or involved in criminal practices. So why is Dabiri now saying some of us are jailbreakers?”

One of the young men said all the Nigerians at the camp have been thoroughly screened for a week, and biodata captured including thumbprints. 

According to him, no prison escapee will want his details captured and sent to the Nigerian government. 

Meanwhile, the President of the Nigerian Union of Traders Association in Ghana (NUTAG), via a telephone interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), admitted that some of the Nigerians captured were illegal immigrants.

According to him, “Those people were victims of a Ghana-based company “Q-Net” with collaborators in Nigeria who deceive people by telling them that there is employment in Ghana and that the job will pay $250 a week.

“They collect between 400 and 500 cedes from them and then they get nothing. Nobody knows how they do it, but they smuggle in people from Nigeria to Ghana. Unsuspecting Nigerians come to Ghana and they become stranded.

“Government needs to take urgent measures,” Nnaji said.


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