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Nigeria: Fulani Herdsmen Causing Insecurity Imported From Sierra Leone, Mali, Senegal, Niger and Chad By APC For 2015 Presidencial Elections – Baraje

Former chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Abubakar Kawu Baraje, has dropped a bombshell that the insecurity challenges faced by Nigeria are caused by the influx of Fulani militia from neighbouring countries who were brought in by the APC in 2015 for election purposes.

He traced the influx of Fulani from neighboring countries including Sierra Leone, Mali, Senegal, Niger and Chad.

According to the Independent, he made the remark in Ilorin as part of activities to mark his 70th birthday anniversary.

Baraje also commended the self-help initiatives of the southwest governors, stating that the re­sponses of Sunday Igboho (the Yoruba militia leader of the team against the Fulani herdsmen) to the herdsman menace were necessary because the Federal Government failed in its prin­cipal responsibility to secure life and property.

Commenting on the recent moves by the All Progressive Congress (APC) to woo former President Goodluck Jonathan, Baraje said that the ruling party was only wast­ing its time.

According to the former PDP chairman, who also once served as the party’s national secretary, chairman of the breakaway faction of PDP that formed the nucleus of the current ruling party, the Fulani men causing havoc in the country are not aboriginal to Nigeria.

“We are not asking the right question on how the same Fu­lani we have been leaving with suddenly turned out a menace.

“We also must ask how they had access to their guns,” the ex-party chairman asked.

“The security agencies have not been open about the nature of the problem.

“They have made arrests. Why haven’t they told the pub­lic who the terrorists are,” asked Baraje.

According to him, the Fu­lani causing security problems in the country are not the Nigerian Fulani; they were brought in to help facilitate victory in the 2015 election.

“After the election, the Fu­lani have refused to leave. I and other like minds wrote and warned those we started APC with that this was going to hap­pen but nobody listened,” he explained.


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