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Nigeria: Emir Of Taraba’s 30-day Ultimatum Sparks Tension As Fulani Herdmens Terror Continues

The threat issued by the Emir of Muri in Taraba, Abbas Njidda Tafida against criminal Fulani herdsmen has sparked tensions in the state.

The monarch had issued a 30-day ultimatum to violent herders to vacate Taraba forests or be forced out.

Alhaji Tafida is upset about criminalities linked to them and has warned that his Hausa youths would retaliate.

Speaking to PRNigeria, a security spokesperson said that agencies were concerned about the outburst because of its implications.

The source said that the Emir should have provided intelligence to security services on those allegations.

“We respect traditional rulers and take their statements seriously. We expected that the first-class emir should have given us information available to him on kidnappings and killings linked to criminal herders occupying the forests.

“Our fear is that the threat by the Emir could trigger jungle justice and reprisal attacks between the citizens and herders which could aggravate the current situation,” the officer said.

At the 2021 Islamic prayers to mark the Eid-el-Kabir celebration, Tafida warned Fulani herdsmen to desist from abducting, raping and killing his people.

The Emir vowed to draw the battle line and kill every forest-based Fulani if the atrocities continue after the deadline.

“We will not ask of his name or mission we will just kill him. There is no way one bastard will inhabit the forest only to keep coming to kidnap us for ransom, rape our women and kill our people,” he said.

Tafida blasted security agencies for freeing apprehended suspicious/culpable individuals without thorough investigation.

“A district head conniving with these criminals and was nabbed. The police released him on bail and he came back to your midst. Isn’t this madness?

“Henceforth, anyone caught in town conniving with these criminals, we will kill his mother, kill his father and brothers,” he declared.

The rehensible act of police granting bail to kidnappers and their conspirators will no longer be tolerated, the Emir further warned.

NEWS/PHOTO SOURCE: Daily Post | Media Agencies

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