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Nigeria: “Dot In A Circle” – Buhari Spoke Like A Warlord Anticipating War, Says Annkio Briggs

President Muhammadu Buhari spoke like a warlord anticipating the break out of a war in Nigeria, say popular Niger Delta activist Annkio Briggs.

She made the remark in response to Buhari’s comment that the members of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, are a dot in a circle with nowhere to run to.

The controversial comment was made by Buhari during an interview with Arise Tv, a few weeks ago.

The comment was widely believed that Buhari was referring to the Igbos not just IPOB members.

However, Briggs said Buhari spoke as a military general and a warlord.

Featuring on AIT, Briggs said: “Well, unfortunately, or maybe historically as someone who witnessed the war and I’m a victim and some of my family members were victims of the civil war. I recall the civil war, I understand the civil war, I know what led to the civil war.

“The President in that interview was speaking as a warlord. He was speaking as a general at war with a country.

“That was the way he spoke. He referred to the Igbo people because I don’t know how many people from my community or state, who have businesses in Kano, Kaduna or Lagos. He was referring specifically to the Igbo people and reminding them that they have a lot of property and investments outside the area he has described as dot.

“The whole of Igbo nation is not Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). IPOB is a movement headed by a group of people. IPOB is not an identity of nationality. The President made a claim which made me to react.

“What is this time? It means he is anticipating a war. He said this time there will be no access to the ocean. What does he mean?”

SOURCE/IMAGE: DailyPost | The Sun Nigeria

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