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Nigeria: Abuja Youths Protest In Aso Rock, Demanding Buhari’s Resignation For Incompetence!

  • Nigeria is Africa,s biggest economy, with the largest Black population on earth
  • Nigerians are the highest academically achieving group in the USA
  • The Nigerian northers- converts of the Arab religion- have been ruling the longest with rumours of a power hungry secret cabal of acculturated African men obsessed with being at the top to impose the Arab religion on Africa’s richest and brightest nation
  • #ENDSARS recent protests against woeful governance united youths from both north and south for the first time against the old guard of leaders

In the spirit of the #EndSARS and #EndBadGovernanceInNigeria protest, Nigerian youths in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, took the protest to Aso Rock. The youths blamed President Buhari and the politicians for the poverty and underdevelopment of the nation despite being one of the world’s top producers of crude oil. They called Buhari a criminal.

The youths’ spokesperson said that the politicians did not have the best interest of Nigerians at heart, but rather were more interested in lining their pockets with loots, and feeding the masses with fake promises.

The youths – angry, impassioned, and tired – exposed the damning truth that the current administration has done close to nothing to better the lot of the citizens. They demanded to see Buhari so he could explain himself and what he has done with the vast resources of the country since he came into power.

Watch the video below:

PHOTO: Getty Images

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