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New Programme Helps African American “Mobile-preneurs” Create Wealth By Investing In Their Health

As the Wuhan virus continues to cripple businesses and many sources of livelihood leading to loss of jobs, a new program has been launched that is targeting newly-coined African American “mobile-preneurs” who want to work from home or remotely in the lifestyle consulting industry. The pandemic has forced business owners and entrepreneurs alike to evolve and adapt and find new ways of generating income and maintain their current lifestyle or find a new lifestyle.

According to Black News, this mobile-preneur business opportunity is perfect for Blacks because we are the fastest-growing demographic of successful entrepreneurs in the world.

“Even more, we love to look good, experience the finer things in life and put it on display,” says author Makeisha Lee, founder of the Lifestyle Movement. “Real wealth begins with maintaining overall health, particularly in these critical times… It’s an inside job. This is accomplished by tapping into 2 of the largest multi-billion dollar industries in the world.”

She also mentions that because the Black community has been affected the most by the COVID-19 pandemic causing many to be unemployed right now, this is a great time for interested ones to take advantage of the opportunity to mix business with pleasure while acquiring both better health and more wealth.

Even recent Black college graduates who are struggling to find a job are encouraged to sign up.

For more details and/or to inquire further, visit or call 949-383-0923.

SOURCE: Black News

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