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Nai-Jamaica Project: Nigerian Tour Company Expands Charter Flights To Jamaica

Nigeria-Jamaica relations continue to wax stronger as a tour company, Nigerians Travel Too, recently announced that plans are underway to expand charter flights from Lagos to Montego Bay, Jamaica. The company recorded the historic inaugural flight between Nigeria and Jamaica last December.

Nigerians Travel Too was the company that coordinated the Nai-Jamaica Project — the fusion of Naija and Jamaica and the celebration of both countries’ common history and culture.

“I was happy to be at the forefront of the initial charter and my team and I are committed to working with all stakeholders, to ensure the success of the next charter in May and all subsequent flight rotations”, remarked the CEO of the tour company Elizabeth Agboola.

Scheduled from May 24 to June 1, the flight will leave Lagos and proceed directly to Montego Bay. An inbound leg is also being organised from Jamaica to Nigeria from May 25 to 31. This will allow Jamaicans and others from the Caribbean to experience the diverse culture and tourism opportunities within Nigeria. They will also be able to discover their roots and visit heritage sites in various states including Lagos, Cross River, Akwa Ibom, and Ondo, and others.

Nigeria’s leading national carrier, Air Peace Limited, will continue to partner with the Nai-Jamaica Project in transporting passengers to and from the Caribbean. The flights will be conducted with state-of-the-art, wide-bodied aircraft, that will enable the journey to be completed in style and comfort, in just over 11 hours. The Air Peace crew will continue to offer outstanding in-flight service across First, Business, and Economy Class cabins on each flight.

The Caribbean country offers a range of experiences and attractions to visitors. There will be opportunities to sample the world-famous Jamaican Rum, Jerk Chicken, Ackee and Saltfish, and Devon House Ice Cream. In addition, there will be scope to visit the Bob Marley Museum, go rafting on the Martha Brae River, chase picturesque waterfalls, catch the breathtaking rays of sunset in Negril and experience the Luminous Lagoon, among other things.

Details about the flight bookings and tour packages are available on both the Nai-Jamaica Project and Nigerians Travel Too websites. Prospective passengers are encouraged to book early, as reservations will close on May 15, to ensure timely visa processing and other formalities. COVID-19 travel insurance, underwritten by Leadway Assurance Company, is automatically included as part of the tour packages.

Jamaica’s High Commissioner to Nigeria, Mr. Esmond Reid, in a statement, embraced the prospect of more sustained flights between Africa and the Caribbean.

“Jamaica is pleased to be part of this dynamic initiative between Africa and the Caribbean. We look forward to diverse partnerships and business opportunities in tourism and related areas being established due to this timely development”.

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NEWS/PHOTO SOURCE: This Day | Media Agencies

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