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Lonely Looks Of London- The Lonely Woman- Azu Okon Images

The longevity of peace and harmony in a nation rests firmly on what value it places on its women and how this value is calibrated against every societal pulse to transmute into the signatory essence of its cultural landscape

Encased in the bodies of its female population or exuded spiritually in the gender entity of its male populations; females and the female essence, fragile and a-times fiery, are the best parameters in gauging the cultural health of a group

When visuals of unkempt and unloved women begin to appear in the land, that above all else, is the tell tale sign of a people undergoing cultural decay. An affront it is, to Mother Nature when the feminine landscape begins to corrode

That this happens creates a void, naturally filled by the notorious masculine pulse and sadly, arriving at this juncture pits a people against HER. The attendant consequences regardless of time pass, signals the end for those unable to safeguard this motherly frequency needed for peace in the land, only possible in the feminine landscape

Author: Azu Okon

Image Credit: Azu Okon

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