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Jamaica: Stop Sand Mining In The Hope River

Residents of Melbrook Heights in Harbour View, Kingston, are frustrated about sand mining in the Hope River.

The Harbour View Bridge, which sits at the mouth of the river and serves as the only way into Kingston from eastern Jamaica, was destroyed for the third time in 2010 by floodwaters when the Hope River burst its banks.

Quarrying was cited as one of the factors behind the collapse of the bridge. Memories of the extreme weather event rattle the residents, especially in the wake of the devastation wrought late last year when the Chalky River overflowed its bank on to Weise Road in Bull Bay.

One resident who uses the moniker John Rass told The Gleaner that the river course has changed because of the deleterious effect of quarrying on the riverbed.

“It never used to programme this side,” said the resident of 25 years, while gesturing to show the one-time straight direction in which the river flowed historically.

John Rass said the rechannelling of the water caused the river to “start to eat off the banking”.

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SOURCE: The Gleaner

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