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‘You Don’t Know Me’: Haitian-Japanese Tennis Star, Naomi Osaka, Hits Back At Critics

Haitian-Japanese tennis star, Naomi Osaka, has hit back at critics who berated her for putting up pictures of herself in bikini on social media. 

Naomi, 22, over the years has won hearts by possessing a warm innocent demeanour that could disarm the hardest of hearts. It seemed most of her critics were probably taken aback seeing her bare it all in a swimsuit, as against what everyone always fantasised about her

The two-time grand slam winner has taken issues with the criticism. Osaka said she is “creeped out” by fans who urge her to maintain her “innocent image” in response to social media comments 

“Just wanna say it’s creeping me out how many people are commenting at me to maintain my ‘innocent image’ and ‘don’t try to be someone your not’,” Osaka said in a tweet. 

“You don’t know me, I’m 22, I wear swimsuits to the pool. Why do you feel like you can comment on what I can wear?”

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Osaka became the highest paid female athlete in the world in May this year, according to Forbes Magazine, banking $57.2 million in the preceding 12 months. 

It saw her edge 23-time grand slam winner Serena Williams for top spot on the list as Osaka also pocketed the most money by a female athlete in history, shattering the single-year earning mark of $45.5 million set by Russian Maria Sharapova in 2015.

Osaka has also been vocal on the Black Lives Matter campaign which has engulfed the civilized world, sharing updates on social media as she attended protests in the U.S.

“I’m vocal because I believe in the movement and want to try to use my platform to facilitate change,” Osaka told Reuters last month.

“George Floyd’s murder and the situation generally in America has had a big impact on me. Being silent is never the answer. Everyone should have a voice in the matter and use it.”

Naomi Osaka was born in Japan to an African Haitian father and a Japanese mother. She has lived and trained in the United States since she was three years old.

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