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First Russia Africa Summit- A Critical Moment For Blacks

The first ever Russia Africa Summit held recently saw Russia impressing with 20 billion dollar debt cancelation accumulated by Africa during the soviet era; but the critical question remains, did these Black overseers of their individual Black countries invited as equals to mutually agree on negotiations that would help their people, or were they in fact summoned to report, this time in Eastern Europe, to continue repackaged pillaging; from where others left of?

Close to 50 African leaders attended the event at Russia’s Black Sea city of Sochi for the first ever Russia Africa Forum held in late October signaling Moscow’s ambitious push for influence and business in Africa.

The Russians are now joining a field that includes the United States, China, Japan and to a large extent the United Kingdom and France. For Moscow, the prize is greater political influence on a continent with 54 United Nations member states, sprawling mineral wealth, and potentially lucrative markets for Russian-manufactured weapons.

The world’s largest wheat exporter, Russia is also looking to increase its supplies of grain and fertilizer to meet demand that is rising in step with Africa’s booming population.

What does this portend for Africa?

Source: World News Agencies

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