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F1: Mark Webber Talks Up Lewis Hamilton’s 2021 Mercedes Record

According to Mark Webber, former Australian racing driver, Lewis Hamilton has gotten the very best out of a Mercedes car that is not easy to drive in the first two races of the 2021 season.

The Australian said that the seven-time World Champion has managed to wrestle the very best out of what is underneath him to stay ahead of Max Verstappen so far, despite Red Bull having a superior package in Bahrain and Imola.

It looks set fair for a titanic battle between Hamilton and Verstappen to play out throughout the season, and Webber says the pair have to be prepared for as and when they collide on-track in upcoming races – with Jolyon Palmer saying previously that a crash between the two is “inevitable” this year.

“I think Hamilton has propped Mercedes up a bit in the first two races,” Webber told Marca. “The car is not easy, far from it, but Lewis has got the results and even leads the World Championship.

“But he has a tough rival in Verstappen. We are all fans of Max’s style, watching his racing is incredibly spectacular, which is exactly what we ask of an F1 driver.

“They are two gladiators and that’s what this sport needs, an intense rivalry… and there will come a peak moment when there will be fireworks between the two, I’m convinced.

“At the moment they get on well and have a lot of respect for each other, but during the season? Hamilton is a 12-round boxer, he will always be on the prowl and against him you have to be ready to take the fight.”

Mark Webber: How Lewis Hamilton surprised Sebastian Vettel in 2017 F1 title  race - Daily Star
Lewis Hamilton and Mark Webber. Credit: Getty Images

However, the Australian believes Red Bull is now in a position to give Mercedes a proper battle for the title, as the full season will see the teams going toe-to-toe for silverware.

“They have never been so ready,” he declared. “They know they have a great chance, they know they have to be very precise and always be ready for the fight because Lewis doesn’t give you a second chance.”

NEWS/PHOTO SOURCE: Planet F1 | Getty Images

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