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Djibouti Denies Sending Troops To Ethiopia Border As Thousands Gather In Addis Ababa To Support ENDF


  • The raging battle between the Tigray Defense Forces (TDF) and the Ethiopian federal forces has led to claims that the TDF is trying to cut rail and road links to Djibouti, a strategy to suffocate Addis Ababa economically.
  • Reports say Djibouti has dispatched its troops to stop the TDF, as Ethiopia depends on the Port of Djibouti for imports and exports. But Djibouti has denied making such moves.
  • Satellite images, however, showed that the road from Djibouti to Ethiopia had been closed, and long lines of armoured trucks were sighted.
  • The TDF refused to honour the ceasefire the Ethiopian government had issued, saying that Ethiopia had lost the battle in Tigray. Ethiopia abandoned the ceasefire agreement after one week, as hostilities resumed.
  • Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has struggled to restore order in the country since the conflict began in November, 2020. He recently won re-election by a wide margin.

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SOURCE: Garowe Online

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