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Disturbing Video Shows White Police Officer Telling Black Man To Lick His Own Urine (Video)

A white police officer has been caught on camera asking an Illinois black man to lick his own urine after a stop.

Chicago Tribune reported that the man who was a federal safety investigator identified as Marcus Mosley, and was tased by the officer during the altercation after he was accused of urinating by the road side.

In the video which was recorded by police body worn camera on May 17, 2019, the Defendant Lynwood Police Officer Luke Tambrini told Mosley he wasn’t allowed to park on the side of the road or to urinate in public and asked for his identification.

After Mosley denied that he urinated in public, Tambrini conducted what the lawsuit calls a “sham field investigation” during which Mosley was subjected to “a willful and wanton display of outrageously inhuman cruelty.”

Tambrini first asked Mosley to take his finger and touch a “little puddle of water” beside his car that he claimed was urine, the video shows. After Mosley obliged, Tambrini replied, “Now lick it.”

“Who’s gonna lick dirt?” Mosley replied, visibly upset. “You think ‘cause I’m black I’m gonna sit here and touch some dirt, then lick it?” Mosley then requested that the officer call a supervisor to the scene because he had a problem with how he was being treated.

When Tambrini told Mosley he was going to write him tickets for parking illegally and urinating in public, Mosley declined to provide him his name and information and repeatedly asked that a supervisor be dispatched to the scene, according to the video.

Eventually, Tambrini said he was going to have to arrest Mosley for obstructing identification and “needlessly escalated the situation by drawing, pointing, and shooting a Taser” at Mosley, according to the suit.

Photo Credit: Victor Henderson

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  1. Minette Williams Minette Williams May 27, 2020

    I want to help save black or African American men from being killed in incidents like this. Is it possible that they can disagree with police officers in a way that may not seem threatening to the police office because when it comes to a white officer they may take it as threatening. the gentleman has a phone in his hand he can record the conversation, he said he did not urinate on the ground and its also raining. I would suggest that he or anyone else in this situation not argue with the police just take the ticket. Also when the police leaves record the area to show that there is no sign showing no parking in the area. Then go to the police station or court and report the incident with your phone recording as evidence. But African Americans try win their case to or with the police … you are talking to the wrong person wait and get a lawyer to try your case because the more you disagree with the police the more they will see you as a threat …keep your argument for the judge and save your own lives. I am not an american and dont live in america but I am tired of seeing these stories play out and end up with someone getting hurt and its usually african americans. Instead of trying to get the police to see your side of the story wait to get your day in court… stay calm in these types of situations and save your own life.

    • Aneesah Aneesah May 27, 2020

      You cannot blame the victim everytime you see where white police officers illegally detained and even physically attacked black men. That is the problem with us now. We already learn to walk on egg shells around them while we’re still in elementary school. Police and no one else has a right to injure someone in their attempts to arrest them. You don’t see them beating up white men or shooting and killing them even when they approach the officers armed with assault weapons. IT’S WRONG! You cannot make it right by asking us to kiss white cops axxxex!

      • Betsy Klinker Betsy Klinker May 28, 2020

        Wow you can tell your not from America. First the officer told him to put dirty muddy on his finger in his mouth. Are you saying he should have just did that. Wow! Do you even realize just how demeaning and wrong that is? Oh and again wrong it is? Would you have just done what your told. The black man did nothing wrong. Like he asked where is the sign then the cop made up something like the sign got knocked over. Sounds lime bs to me. No you are never soppose to just take orders then fight it in court. Do you even know how much a lawyer costs at all? Not all of us can offord one they are not just handed to people to fight your case. They can be very expensive and most of the time you just end up staying in jail for mo reason. The guy if anything just should have gotten a ticket at the most. This should have never made it as far as it did. Just give in right. If you dont like seeing these stories maybe just dont watch them. Definitely dont give advice especially advice like that. Telling people to just do what they are told even if it mean putting mud on your finger then to taste it. The point is we PAY these cops with our taxes to protect and serve not to humiliate and demean people.

    • David David May 28, 2020

      Why does he have to go through all that? Why can’t white cops treat black men like they treat white men ? So in order for us not to be beaten or killed, we have to give our dignity and self worth so we’re not killed by some racist cop . It’s easy to sit on the sideline and say what we should do, how about you come and walk in our shoes for a day. We’re tried of being made to feel like shit every time we come into contact with a cop. I don’t know about you but if you were harassed by the cops every time you came into contact with them you would have a problem with them too. I’ve seen white people talk to cop like shit and you never hear of them being beaten or killed. I’ve seen white people with guns on them and the cops just don’t run up to them and shot them down, or even pull their weapon out on them, they’re talked to, but it you’re black with no weapon, you can be killed and all a cop has to say I was in fear of my life or I thought he had a gun. So how can you speak for us without us? So I wish people like you just keep your mouth shut about how we should acted when we are the one’s being killed. You can bet your white ASS that if this was happening to white men, this would have stopped along time ago. So please don’t speak for us when you have no idea of what we have to go through just to come home alive every day, and you think cops have a dangerous job.

      • Betsy Betsy May 28, 2020

        Exactly David.

    • JANET DOE JANET DOE May 29, 2020

      Are you seriously suggesting that a judge will take the word of a black man over a white cop when a white cop is making up lies just to arrest a black man? Are you seriously fucking blaming the victim here? Do you know why black people debate with cops? IT’S BECAUSE WE GET SICK AND FUCKING TIRED OF BEING ACCUSED OF SHIT THAT WE DIDN’T DO….THAT’S THE VERY DEFINITION OF HARASSMENT! BUT ACCORDING TO YOU, WE SHOULD STAY CALM AND TELL IT TO A JUDGE KNOWING THAT HE WILL NOT LISTEN EITHER? STFU!!

  2. Lebert James Lebert James May 28, 2020

    You are so wrong minnette Williams. It seems that you have the same mindset as a lot of these cops.Threatening ?where did you see that behaviour? Everyone has a right to their opinions but yours made me sick to my stomach.

    • Betsy Betsy May 28, 2020

      Yes made me sick to my stomach. Telling peoplento just take their crap till you get to court. Telling them to just get a lawyer. That coming from a person that doesn’t even live here and has mo idea how unjustice our so called justice system is. Just wow! Disgusting is an understatement. If they dont want to read about it and maybe learn from it and help out in some way then, you are right, just shut up already and read something else. Please

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