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Chinese Racism Against Blacks- Nigerian Representative Benjamin Kalu Speaks: ( Audio Interview)

The humiliation and harm of Africans plus the destruction of their physical environment may not be exclusively Chinese, as witnessed a few days ago in far away USA, when the entire Black world was yet again assailed mentally with deep trauma when raw visuals of the broad daylight lynching of the African American man George Floyd beamed brutally on TV screens worldwide.

Rep. Kalu wonders why the Chinese are seeking land on the African continent

The reality of the discrimination against Blacks has been an age long global epidemic with all races involved. The root cause of this worldwide virulent anti-Black behaviour seems largely a mystery. But the most depressing truth is, a collective global front by Black men to halt the assault seem a fantasy

Questions Africans allowing Chinese destruction of their environment

With inherited colonial institutions and borrowed copies of foreign governance models acting like invincible nooses around African necks, chocking and suffocating them as they struggle to breath economically; what are the odds in finding selfless African descendants who tick all the boxes and are capable to lead?

Steps to curbing the exploitation?

Enter Rep. Benjamin Kalu: Young, energetic and most importantly culturally aware, we throw down the inquiring cowries with a crucial audio interview with the philanthropist, intellectual lawyer and leader from Bende, Abia State Nigeria. He is the current Spokesperson of the Nigerian House of Representatives and in fact, some are now whispering he deserves a much higher office portfolio, if genuine passion for people’s welfare were the only criteria. Rep Kalu was also the student representative of the University of Calabar Nigeria at just 23.

He spoke to us about Chinese racism against Blacks both in China and on the African continent, emphasising the possible grime scenario of what this portends if not checked


Nigeria’s Representative Benjamin Kalu speaks on the growing concern of the Chinese posture on the Africa continent

Credit & Gratitude: Representative Benjamin Kalu

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