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Chinese Couple Arrested For Locking Up 8 Nigerians For 4 Months In Abuja

The police in Nigeria have arrested two Chinese nationals for locking up their eight Nigerian staff in an apartment for the past four months, refusing them access to go home.

The couple were arrested and paraded in Abuja on Tuesday.

According to a report by a local online newspaper, International Centre for Investigative Reporting (ICIR), a team of six police officers from the FCT Divisional Police Command in Utako swung into action, following a tip-off by a radio listener who called in during the “Berekete Family” programme of the Human Rights Nigeria and raided the residence of the Chinese nationals at No. 117 Jabi area, Abuja.

One of the women among the eight rescued Nigerians said to be a domestic staff, revealed that they were not allowed to move out of the mansion. She complained that the couple refused to allow her to go for treatment even when she was very sick. She added that if any of them goes out, a certain percentage of their salary would be deducted.

Another man among the group who gave his name as Alex said he worked as a driver for the Chinese couple. He added that he and the seven others have been working as domestic staff of the Chinese couples since the outbreak of Covid-19 in February.

“They never allowed us to go out since February,” Alex told The ICIR.

“If anyone of us goes out and they know, a certain percentage of his salary will be deducted.”

“Even yesterday, when this man (pointing at one of the workers) sent someone to buy him water, N500 was deducted from his salary that is yet to be paid,” Alex added.

He said the Chinese did not care about their feeding since the house arrest.

Another worker who did not reveal his name said that 3000 was deducted from his salary because he stubbornly went out to fill his pension form.

All the staff agreed that they were not given food by the Chinese nationals aside their salaries.

ICIR observed that during the arrest, only two Chinese were arrested although there were four of them sighted in the house.

The Chinese couple were calling a particular person as they first refused going with the policemen. However, they succumbed as the person over the phone instructed them to go with the policemen.

Watch video below: (Credit: ICIR

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  1. John Eric John Eric July 4, 2020

    You only see Abuja alone, I am assuring you 100% courage go and look at all the Chinese factory in each state and see how many Nigerian workers were locked down in the factory ever since the pandemic started, the fact remains that those in government and some other Nigerians who link the Chinese with the government accrington big problem because they are only concerned about what they get from them and not even the welfare of the workers

  2. Osei Kwabena Osei Kwabena July 4, 2020

    Africa should really I mean really keep an eagle eye on dis midgets Chinese people. They’re up to no good and hate Africans wid disdain and passion!! Dwarfs acting like Giraffes. Very cruel and wicked mammals. Pigmies ‼👹

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