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China Seeking Deep-Sea Food Imports From Jamaica

  • The Chinese government has offered a grant of US$1.9 million
  • Jamaica and China have enjoyed strong bilateral ties since 1973
  • Minister Audley Shaw is prioritising the local Jamaican bamboo sector for development

Chinese Ambassador Tian Qi has agreed to facilitate further exploration of the economic ties between China and Jamaica to increase exports of deep-sea foods to China

Recent talks between both countries focused on trade opportunities in conch, sea cucumber, lobster, pork, canned ackee, spices, and rum.

Acknowledging that several of Jamaica’s marine delicacies are in high demand in China, Tian stated that both governments should harness the technical expertise and knowledge available to tap emerging industries.

Following discussions last Thursday with a team from the Chinese Economic and Commercial Office, led by Commercial Counsellor Fan Jianhoug, Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce Audley Shaw has urged Jamaica to capitalise on the many economic opportunities, singling out the development of the local bamboo sector as a priority.

News/Image: The Gleaner | Sea WestNews

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