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Historic Move As British Government Ends Investment In Overseas Oil, But “Climate Wreaking” Mozambique Gas Project Continues

The British government on Friday promised to end government funding for fossil fuel projects overseas. In a statement released by Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the eve of an international climate change summit, Britain announced a halt to the funding of new crude oil, gas and coal projects before the opening of the Climate Ambition Summit co-hosted by Britain the United Nation and France.

“I’m pleased to say today that the UK will end taxpayer support for fossil fuel projects overseas as soon as possible,” Johnson said in a statement released by his office.

Britain, over time, has been berated by activists for sending billions of pounds abroad to help extract and refine fossil fuels and build power stations.

This culture it has promised to end soon while saying there will be “very limited exceptions”.

Obviously, the “few exceptions” include the Mozambique gas project executed in the Mozambican region of Cabo Delgado, near the jihadist-controlled flashpoint area of Mocimboa da Praia.

French oil company Total is spearheading the project with support from other strong countries including Britain.

Meanwhile, the Rights organization Friends of the Earth are challenging the project in court, and here’s the latest development on the matter:

  • Climate wrecking Mozambique Gas mega project still going ahead despite Britain’s announcement and Friends of the Earth’s legal challenge
  • Friends of the Earth is challenging the Mozambique decision in the courts and has campaigned for a long time on this issue, delivering a petition to Downing Street to stop funding overseas fossil fuel projects
  • The announcement is significant progress, and a huge win for the climate movement that other countries should follow

Friends of the Earth climate campaigner, Rachel Kennerley, said:

“It is great that the PM has recognised we can’t continue to fund climate wrecking oil and gas overseas. Ending investment in all overseas fossil fuel projects will help us meet our climate commitments, but there can be no exceptions.

“Under the new rules announced today, a climate-wrecking gas mega-project in Mozambique that has displaced thousands of people would be in doubt, yet the decision to spend $1billion on this project was decided just a few months ago.

“We think that the decision to fund this project was illegal, so Friends of the Earth is challenging the government’s decision in the courts. This is because we think the government is in breach of international standards on the environment and human rights and has failed to properly consider climate change.”

According to Friends of the Earth, emissions must be slashed in Britain and overseas and the wealth of the UK must be used to help other countries adapt to the impacts of climate breakdown. A way to achieve this is investing public money in renewables projects, with huge job creation prospects.

Many people are at the receiving end of climate disaster owing to oil and gas exploration, especially in Third-World countries like Mozambique and Nigeria.

The dependence on crude oil and fossil fuel will soon phase out as renewable energy is fast becoming a viable alternative. Countries like Costa Rica and Denmark have moved away from oil and gas exploration and more countries are set to join.

NEWS/PHOTO SOURCE: Friends of the Earth | News Agencies

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