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Book-Loving Zambians To Receive Scholarship From Russia, China, Egypt And Tunisia!

Zambia is one of Africa’s well-informed countries that in the last decade has turned out to be giants in terms of Education.  

The system has greatly been improved by the exposure of students to quality and affordable education both at the Local and the International level respectively. 

In line with this development, Russia, China, Egypt and Tunisia are among countries that have shown interest to offer scholarships to Zambian students despite the crisis of COVID-19. 

Loans Board Executive Director Ireen Chirwa says the Chinese Government has offered 51 scholarships and that some Universities in China will be able to offer lessons online for now. 

Mrs. Chirwa says if it were not for Covid-19, students going to China would have travelled by now. 

In a press interview with ZNBC news in Lusaka, she said that Russia has offered One hundred and 38 scholarships but is yet to give guidance on when students can travel. 

Mrs. Chirwa further said Egypt is also offering 14 scholarships to Zambian Students while TUNISIA and other countries are yet to respond. 

Scammers have, however, capitalized on the development to swindle students by purporting to be agents of the board, as Mrs. Chirwa have disclosed. Between six and eight thousand Kwacha has been reportedly lost. 

While cautioning students to be careful, Mrs. Chirwa stated that the only Agent that the board has engaged is National Savings and Credit Bank -NATSAVE.

As young Africans go abroad for education, critics are wondering if African governments enlighten their youths of the need and importance of maintaining their African cultural values whilst away? What does this mean if they loose their Africaness in these foreign spaces?

Lusaka Times contributed to this article

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