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Bokoharam, Arab Religion And Its Black Foot Soldiers- Africa Under Siege!

They are hired with Caucasian weapons in hand to destroy their defenceless Black tribesmen, and on autopilot mode, mentally rewired by Caucasian Arab religion.

Inch by inch as helpless Africans south of the Sahara loose ancestral lands to shadowy veiled hordes, we analyse the sinister and truly mystifying psychology of Black men; Negroid African males who overtly lend themselves to foreign forces pushing a repeat of same genocidal wipe-out that occurred to indigenous Blacks north of Africa, many moons ago!

Unprotected with innocence lost- Africa’s children pay the horrific price of every mistake made by African adults

With over 30,000 shocking human fatalities, 3 million displaced souls and the existence of entire tribes’ teetering on the brink of extinction, the Nilo- Saharan- traditionally pastoral peoples in north eastern Nigeria, along with their cousin clans adjoining the Sahel corridor borders of Chad, Cameroon and Niger- are slowly getting encircled.

With hundreds of years of attack on their African identity, culture and traditions, pure “Native Blacks” of north African’s Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Tunia and Egypt are now hard to find

Just like their tall dark stately looking far distant, now decimated cousins in North Africa- Tubu Bidiats of Libya, Amazigh of Algeria Tunisia, Haratins of Morocco Mauritania and Siwa Berbers in western Egypt- a familiar fire is raging. This time, African ancestral lands, north east of Nigeria, is the prize!

Abonimable barbarity- Bokoharam burns hundreds alive, mostly children, in Dalori village Maiduguri Nigeria- Over 30,000 killed since 2009

Bokoharam a Jihadist armed group calculatingly birthed in 2002 and murderously activated on a national scale in 2009, abhors the presence of the white European religion and educational system, on the Nigeria soil. It’s solution to this Caucasian European malaise, is the total surgical removal of it by violently dislodging a horrifying sea of Black blood. And on its replacement, in their calculation, the far superior healing medication in form of the Caucasian Arab version of things. Not unless the conclusion was that the Negroid African recipients of these Caucasian religious medicamente were in coma, and on par with monkeys mentally; as to why a most crucial consultation was not held with the Black humans, remains a mystery

African cultural erasure- vulnerable unprotected young Nigerian boys chained and held captive in Arab religious schools for Arabisation. These Arab schools abound in Northern Nigeria. Physical, mental and sexual violence is used on the defenceless African boys in the process of bleaching out their African identity and ancient cultural memory, starting with non African name adoption

Now increasingly powerful galvanizing ideoligically with an equally murderous splinter group known as the Islamic State West African Province,( ISWAP), Bokoharam like the Arab Janjaweed of Dafur Sudan, fronts a “holy war” mantra as its divine and saintly excuse for exterminating the Black populations in north eastern Nigeria

Bokoharam- Kidnapped Nigerian Chibok schools girls held captive. Under the guise of foreign ideology, savagery and rape of African girls is now permissible. African cultural identity erasure starts with the removal of African names

Allegedly to plant the fourteen hundred years old Arab religion on an African soil, but the irony is the naturally peaceful defenceless Black victims are actually their progenitors! The African homosapian sapien humans who bore them and have existed harmoniously with Nature, on same spot for millions of years are the ones demonically and savagely hunted for soul-saving with a foreign ideology

The Arab religion is believed to have filtered into the Chadian region in the year 1085 when the African ruler of then Kanem-Bornoe Empire, Umme-Jilmi accepted it on face value. Typical with the notorious naivety of Black male leaders then and now; extensive background checks were never carried out to ascertain pros and cons just to avert unforeseen doom befalling their kind. As par usual the inexplicable fascination and uncontrollable hunger to hastily dash to the domains of the foreign authors of the imported ideology overpowers common sense. Departing as an African King only to resurface back home to his now confused and appalled people as an enslaved King to a foreign ideology with the crucial and most unifying symbol, the “African” hyphenation, now dangerously missing in their titles! Now arabised, mentally altered and culturally compromised, it does not take a crystal ball peek into the future to foretell the doom that awaits African coming descendants

Barbarism as the norm against unprotected African boys for centuries unend: His mind, body and true African cultural identity are the target for all invaders: (Left), African boy kidnapped and dehumanised for enslavement, (center) African male culturally intact (right) African male enslaved and subjected to forceful castration in the Arab world. Diabolical and intentional erasure of the genetic line of Black males via brutal castration was standard practice by Arabs on Black boys. Most of the Black boys bled to death

Before interfacing with foreign religious ideologies, African tribes for aeons were in dynamic and seamless contact with each other. The foreign contact suppressed and eventually altered the native African cultural terrain and terminally disrupted the ancient customary methods used in appropriating power. African Monarchs who were the most powerful beings walking their lands, had their unmistakeable African identity grounded. Completely pristine, and totally in sync with their overall traditions, with the resultant overall harmony on the land pulsating unperturbed! Doing the opposite, which is now the norm in Africa, has ushered in a tsunami of psycho-mental clashes! The age of African cultural decay and decline present itself to us now; exposing Black humans and lands to perpetual foreign incursions and devastation

Sukur landscape, located in the Mandara mountains of northeast Nigeria, on the World Heritage List

Not too long ago, the first UNESCO world’s heritage site in Nigeria, SUKUR , a picturesque hilltop village settlement located in Adamawa state, was savagely destroyed by Bokohoram in Dec 12 2014. The mindboggling barbarism displayed in the gruesome killing of the harmless Black villagers and the sacrilegious desecration of their native shrines and burial sites parallels same genocidal attack visited on the same people just over 100 years ago when Jihadists bandits invaded!

With African culture unprotected and foreign ideologies invading her land, the African woman suffers horrific tragedies: Hauwa Nkaki, mother of one of the adbucted Chibok girls by Boko haram

In 1913 tranquil villages nestling the Mandara mountain regions in north eastern Nigeria, Sukur inclusive, were invaded by medieval sword swinging, veiled vandals on horseback. Lead by an Arabised Black man, an African convert of the Arab religion, Hamman Yaji

The discovery of the private diary of  Hamman Yaji reveal blood chilling personal entries of recurrent incomprehensible savagery from a Black man towards other Black people, on same Black continent!

  • 12th May 1913: I sent soldiers to Sukur, and they destroyed the house of the “ANARDO” ( The traditional Chief) and took a horse and seven slave girls and burnt his residence
  • May 21: “I captured 20 slave girls.”
  • June 11th: “I captured six slave girls and ten cattle, and killed three men.”
  • June 25: “I captured 48 slave girls and 26 cattle and I killed five persons.”
  • July 6: “I captured 30 cattle and six slave girls.
  • 16th August 1917: I sent Fad-el-Allah with his men to Sukur. They captured 80 slaves, of whom I gave away 40. We killed 27 men and women with 17 children
Drawing depicting unimaginable savagery inflicted upon defenceless Africans over Arab ideoligies

 Aside from the horrific finds in his personal diary, eye witness accounts also states:

  • Hamman Yaji soldiers cut off the heads of the villagers in front of the village chief’s house threw them into manholes in the ground, set them alight and cook their food over the flames!
  • Traumatized wives of dead Sukur men were ordered to come forward and collect their husbands heads in a calabashes
  • Children were said to have wire hammered through their ears and jaws by jihadist soldiers
  • When Hamman Yaji learnt of the customary significance and importance of performing burial rights in these African tribes, he ordered his men to cut open the dead bodies, just so the villagers won’t be able to give their murdered families proper burial

As with all the other unprovoked transgressions and plunderings then and now, the playbook dictates:

  1. Intentional decimation of the Black population
  2. Strategic destruction of the African cultural landscape, including racial bastardisation as tool for discord
  3. Eventual land theft
  4. Spearheaded by a Black male
  5. All coldly, calculatingly and clandestinely done under the guise of piety and the spread of a holy “foreign” message  
In contrast to all others and their ways of worship, Africans, as a cultural rule and moral ethic, never seek to intrude, convert, nor war on other races to follow African ways

No place in the Arab world would one find Africans ideologically pushing, let alone grounding militias with a mind to maim and murder Caucasian Arabs for not adopting African names and religions. It is almost visually impossible to picture Africans, posturing like a destructive fifth column within a culture, pushing out other communities and setting up conditionalities demanding others commit self-erasure and cultural suicide to coexist else they get beheaded!

To exhibit this bizarre behaviour comes with intent. This move, a very conscious one at that, is politically motivated. The success of this, triggers the eventual death of the host community; as was inflicted upon the indigenous Blacks in North Africa.

That this terrifying trait seems absent in the African psyche, attest to a phenomenal level of civility anchoring on a spirituality and connectivity to Nature, seen nowhere else on earth. Indeed nothing else but this unique and unusual essence distinguishes and sets the Negroids apart

Clarity on the above may open the mind for comprehensive understanding, but how does one digest without diarrhoea the sights of same foreign traits wholly activated in Black male bodies?

Since ancestral loyalty, racial pride and moral obligation seem eerily vacant amongst African men who strangely aid the Arab religion lead decimation of native African culture; what accounts for this inexplicable behaviour? Who are these Bokoharam Jihadists Black males with Caucasian weapons in hand, destroying Black villages?

How does one explain the sort of psychology possessed by these men? How on earth are these particular strains of Black men manufactured and in what petri dish?

Extinct identity. Non Arabised, regal looking African Somali males with symbolic cultural hairdo: Image from: 1800s

Maybe, disaster had already struck long ago and todays Jihadists Black males might just be the visible sprouting symptoms of ancient venomous seeds planted- as native African culture collapsed in Somalia and Meroetic Sudan; ending the legendary 3000 years Nubian Kandake monarchical ascendancy rule which demanded only female line of rulers!

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Photo Credits: Web, Getty, Leni Riefensthal, Afolabi Sotunde-Reuters/ Unknown

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