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Blood-Soaked Wet Markets Still Open In China And Other Asian Countries

A new report has surfaced revealing that unsafe wet markets are still operating all across Asia, and in the U.S. amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The shocking new footage from PETA was shot at blood-soaked wet markets in China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines and Thailand.

It shows the filthy conditions where live dogs, bats, monkeys, snakes, civets, birds, cats, rabbits, ducks and chickens are bought and sold.

Recall that coronavirus reportedly started from such a market in Wuhan area of China.

In Thailand, ducks and chickens are crammed into cages wing-to-wing and in the Philippines, wet market workers casually wear sandals as they walk across blood-soaked floors to slice up pigs and birds with their bare hands.

Meanwhile, in Vietnam, a counter near living animals is stacked high with the cooked dog heads and other body parts of the poor pooches.

One image is constant across these Asian wet markets – the floors are covered with blood, guts and water.

The report also revealed that such incident is not only happening in Asia, but some parts of US like – New York, California and Texas also have such markets.

PETA is using this shocking new footage to call upon the World Health Organization to urge the shutdown of live-animal markets across the globe, including those still operating here in the States.

Credit: PETA

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