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Black Female Landlord Ordered By San Francisco Court To Forfeit Her $4m Property To White Tenant

In one of the most mind-boggling judgments ever, a San Francisco court has ruled that a Black landlord, Anne Kihagi, should give her $4 million building to a white tenant. 

Kihagi had displaced the tenant so her sister could move in. 

Her actions were well within the ambit of the law. The San Francisco law allows a landlord to recover possession of a rented unit for either the owner or the owner’s close relative to occupy, and that was what Ms. Kihagi did. 

In 2014, she purchased an impressive building for $2.5 million using some of the money she managed for her younger sister. 

She decided to give one of the units in the building to her younger sister to live in, so she had to evict one of the tenants. 

Upon the tenant’s departure, her younger sister moved into the house. This happened in 2016. 

Ms. Kihagi’s sister asked her partner to move in with her as well and they had a child while living in that unit. Concurrently, Ms. Kihagi had also refurbished the building, making its value increase to a whopping $4 million. 

The embittered white tenant then partnered with a team of attorneys to take her down. 

Black News reports that the City Attorney, Dennis Herrera, had in 2015 threatened to drive Ms. Kihagi out of the City. And seeing an opportunity, he grabbed it with both hands. Therefore, despite all the evidence that Ms. Kihagi’s younger sister had been living in the building, the City Attorney claimed that she had never moved in. 

Anne kihagi battles an entire system alone for her property

They somehow managed to convince a white jury that the notice of eviction was a sham notice. 

As a result of these claims and accusations, the San Francisco court ruled that Ms. Kihagi should give the entire five-unit building to the evicted white tenant. 

The tenant will take control of the entire building, with rental income from four other units, for supposedly being displaced so that the landlord’s sister could move in. 

The court gave her the ENTIRE BUILDING. And so even though Ms. Kihagi opted to buy the tenant a condo for $800k, the court stood firm in their decision to give the tenant the $4 million building. 

The interesting part is, the same court that ruled that Ms. Kihagi’s younger sister never moved into the building, also ordered that she be evicted from that same building. 

The case is currently on Appeal as it should be.


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  1. Devalyn Kirkman Devalyn Kirkman July 27, 2020

    This is absolute idiocy and bullshit!!

    • Reggie Reggie September 2, 2020


  2. Missy Jones Missy Jones July 27, 2020

    The black mayor need to do her JOB….if that were my building I’d blow it. You won’t get SHIT….White People (Those People) have been stealing our property for over 400 years.

  3. Tinae Nassourou Tinae Nassourou July 30, 2020


  4. Dane Dane August 10, 2020

    There should be protests in front of the court building, create a standstill so the court cannot operate.

  5. Marsha Marsha September 2, 2020

    Wrong, wrong We must ask ourselves the judge and jurors all white, would this ever happen the other way around… Hell Naw! It’s extra extra extra x ‘s for our pp to do what this little black lady has done and to take what she’s worked for to give away to a white woman wrong!!! I’m sending this link to everyone one who has power to hell this woman as this is pure racism

  6. Bree Harrison Bree Harrison September 10, 2020

    She evicted one person and they tried to demonize her & called her a slumlord?? This case should have been dismissed simply because they didn\\\’t give her a fair trail among her peers. It shouldn\\\’t have even gone to trial because she had the right to evict.

  7. C.Alexander C.Alexander November 8, 2020

    My pop’s said it well,
    Laws in this country are not made for white folks! They are made for black folks…..
    There is a conflict of interest the lawyer were trying to get her out the state, is a conflict of interest it’s personal which makes it discriminatory, the judge included also which he/she show in their judgment.
    Take them to the highest court.
    And hit them in the pocket
    That’s how you get their attention!

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