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Bill Gates Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Released In Africa: A $70million Project To Help Africans Live Longer….. They Said

The disease is as ancient as the earliest humans, but now a most sinister approach is being taking to entomb it for good

10,000 genetically modified mosquitoes is set to be released in Bana village in Burkina Faso Africa. The $70million project is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation with Target Malaria, the not-for-profit research consortium behind the project.  The goal is to cut down the number of deaths caused by reducing the mosquito population

The genetically altered mosquitoes are all males and allegedly sterile.

A science laboratory is stationed close to the village of Bana where research work will be carried out to closely monitor the feral mosquitoes for two months and hopefully prove to regulators the effectiveness of the approach

The project is said to be a long term aim in Africa


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