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Banned African British Film “Blue Story” Gets Reinstated: A “Subtle Reminder” To Black Creators Of White Gaze?

A menacing mass brawl, monstrous machete wielding teens and a questionable white moral panic in the British midlands; two of the biggest cinema chains in the UK- Vue and Showcase- hastily banned film director Andrew Onwubolu’s debut gang-drama movie “Blue Story” sighting customer safety as reason for the indictment

Ignoring the damaging effects such decisions exclusively inflict on Black culture and more so the psyche of young African British creative talents like Michael Ward, Khali Best and Stephen Odubola- added to the fact that against all odds the film allegedly had grossed the highest revenue for any film in just one week- the sinister decision, as it seemed, was not going to go unchallenged, invoking a tribal call to arms elsewhere in the “cyber jungle”

Underestimating the power of social media and unprepared for the unexpected wound-on-wallet that seemed inevitable, both cinemas hours later backpedalled as calls to boycott them steadily grew

Numerous films over the years with A- grade level of violence and pornographic content enjoyed not only the privilege of an unrestricted global viewing but some even got nominated for accolades with their castes almost “canonised”.  A notorious example involved a mass shooting – that killed 12 individuals – which took place during a screening of the Batman film in the United States in 2012 – but Batman remained in cinemas worldwide

Rapmans film “Blue Story” highlights the menace of London post code war on African British teens

Blue Story, a London-postcode-war based film inspired by- grime artist and writer- Rapman’s real life experiences, exposes the hyper dangerous lives African British teenage males’ face- and by extension African British families- under a system that indirectly fuels gang warfare and killings primarily amongst acculturated black teens

Sources: Global News Agencies

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