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Angolan Citizens Flocking To Get Namibian Citizenship

ANGOLAN citizens are allegedly flocking to constituency offices to obtain Namibian citizenship.

This is according to Ongenga constituency councillor Matheus Shikongo and his counterpart at the Okongo constituency, Lebius Efraim.

They yesterday said Angolans started gathering at their offices after they announced the registration of stateless and undocumented people on the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation’s Kati FM morning show, ‘Luganda’.

For the past two weeks, councillors of the northern regions have been requesting headmen and headwomen to register undocumented and stateless people residing at their villages, and to submit their names to councillors’ offices to be registered for national documents.

The traditional leaders are expected to submit the names of stateless and undocumented people before 29 July.

There are Angolans currently camping at Ohangwena, Omusati and Kunene, who have left their country due to widespread drought conditions.

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SOURCE: Namibian

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