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Africa Is Rich: Ghanaian President Nana Akufor Rejects Foreign Aid

Ghanaian President Dr. Nana Akufor has called on other African countries to steer clear of aid and loans which are baits to continue underdeveloping the continent.

“We don’t want Africans to have a scar on anybody’s conscience, we don’t want to be pawns or victims and certainly do not want headline writers to continue competing on lurid adjectives to describe our continent and people” The President said amid pomp and cheers from the crowd during a leadership event.

He said billions have been given to Africa by World Bank, IMF and international corporations, yet there is nothing to show for it as majority of Africa’s populace still live in abject poverty.

Africa is a rich continent which has everything it needs to develop without any external assistance because the loans have a huge tag to their terms which always doesn’t favor the continent at all the President asserted.

He gave an example of the Democratic Republic of Congo which has 30% of the World’s mineral reserves and every developed Country is clamoring to have a share of the resources which are very rare in any other Country but Democratic Republic of Congo is listed as the poorest Country in the world and still having thousands of refugees seeking asylum in the United States of America, this must stop with immediate effect.

According to KDRTV, Akufor has been hailed for the novel act.

It’s time to start to manage our resources well to generate wealth to our people who are poor and dilapidated conditions. Tanzania is also a Country that has rejected the aid and terms which were given by the Chinese Multinationals and told them off and told them to renegotiate the terms which must be a fair deal to both the Countries.

The Continent must wake up and shun wars and build stable Countries by electing good leaders who will steer Africa to greater heights which will bring prosperity and Dignity as a prosperous community in the World stage.

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